Muscle cramps – cannabis hot chocolate to the rescue

My right leg’s muscles had been cramping for a couple of days, and the day before yesterday walking was difficult. My parents visited me and brought me some groceries so I did not have to walk to a grocery store. For several years I was on a vegetarian only diet, but recently I’ve started eating fish again. My parents brought me some vegetables, a nice rainbow trout fillet and salmon tweezers by Fiskars, to pluck the fish bones. Thank you! The tweezers worked really nice, and I cooked a delicious meal from the fish, some broccoli, beetroot, onions, celery and coconut milk.

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Yesterday morning I made myself a hot chocolate from cannabis stems that I still had from my medical cannabis grows. That softened the muscle cramps and eased the pain so that I could quite easily walk the fourth 5 kilometer distance for Automattic’s this week’s WWWP5k walking event.

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Cannabis stems cooking in a pot

Suomeksi: Sain vanhemmiltani erittäin hyvin toimivat Fiskarsin ruotopinsetit, suosittelen. Eilinen varsikaakao auttoi hyvin jalan kramppeihin ja kävelin neljännen 5 kilometrin lenkin tämän viikon WWWP5k-haasteeseen.



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